Justified Technology®
  IT is only business when it is Justified

Together the principals of Justified Technology® have over 50 years of business experience. Much
of that experience has been in providing non-stop computing services to clients. While we have a
very strong background in health care we have served in other sectors such finance, automotive
services, manufactoring as well as development. Our experience covers a wide range of technical
competencies from designing data centers, recovering financial data in the face of sabatage or
helping developers improve their products.

Ronald Hoering is a senior consultant with well over 25 years of experience in technology
infrastructure design and management. Adept at collaborating with senior management as well as
with technical staff, Mr. Hoering offers a unique perspective and set of capabilities that foster
strategies and actions to create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients. He has
succeeded in improving the performance of various organizations through the reengineering of
their systems infrastructure, optimizing of their IT processes and planning as well as instilling
business relevance into all aspects of IT. Governed by unwavering ethics, Mr. Hoering brings
outstanding design skills and relevant experience to help businesses align their IT resources with
their strategic needs. Mr. Hoering is a Rotarian as well as a veteran of the United States Marine
Corps. He holds an A.B. degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago

Stephen Krause has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and director managing both the
technical and business aspects of information technology across numerous industries, including the
mission critical environments in health care, finance, transportation and construction. Bringing a
unique blend of experience and business insight to the table, Mr. Krause has succeeded in aligning
technology with the business needs of our clients while also lowering their total cost of ownership.
His experience on both side of the client-consultant relationship give him a deep understanding and
respect for a business' need to remain focused on their mission and not on technology. Because of
this, Mr. Krause frequently consults our clients in other areas of business management beyond
technology. Mr. Krause holds a baccalaureate degree from Purdue University.

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