Justified Technology®
  IT is only business when it is Justified

•Managed Firewalls
•Systems Monitoring
•Vulnerability Scans
•Internal Web Sites For Sharing Knowledge
•Secure Remote Access / VPN
•Email and Collaboration Services
•Patch and Configuration Management
•Policy Based PC Administration
•Compliance Focused Auditing
•Budget and Cost Analysis
•Health Care
•Accounting & Finance
•Architecture and Construction
•Automotive Services
•Benefit Management
•Real Estate
Information systems and networking
•Design and implementation
•Management and monitoring

Security, auditing and compliance

Information Technology
•Process and budget review
•Policies and procedures

Systems programming
•Custom applications, utilities and scripts

Justified Technology® ...

...provides business technology consulting services
that are focused on delivering bottom-line
performance for its clients.

Our motto that “IT is only business when it is
Justified” means we craft our solutions to be business
justified and to deliver a net profit to the client over
not implementing them.
Are you getting real business value out of your
technology investments?

Have you been able to reduce your manual business
processes with technology?

Would you like your technology to improve your
business' profitability?

Justified Technology® can help.
How secure are your computers?

Do you have personal and/or confidential client
information stored on your computers?

Are you sure?

How do you know?

Justified Technology® can help you meet your federally
mandated obligations to protect this information!
Do you store personal or confidential information about
your customers, clients or patients on your computers?
Are your computers connected to the Internet?
If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions then
your business is at risk!
Why? Because chances are you are subject to state
and federal regulations that govern the measures you
must take to protect this information.
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